Smoke & fire detection services

A smoke alarm can help prevent major disasters. Not only will you protect your property, but more importantly yourself, your family and your staff.

MK Electrics specialise in installation, testing, inspection and maintenance of smoke, fire, carbon monoxide and heat detection systems. Our electrical engineers are fully trained in the installation of smoke and fire detection products of all types and brands.

What this service includes:

Full Design


Maintenance & Repairs

The complete solution

We install domestic as well as commercial fire alarm systems including alarm panels, break glass points, sounders, detectors and mains powered smoke detectors. Once installed, our technicians will provide a basic training on using the system, self testing it weekly and what to do in case of emergencies.

Smoke & fire detection system testing services

Commercial smoke & fire detection systems must be tested within 6 to 12 months periodically. Our technicians provide professional testing services for smoke & fire detection systems in your commercial premises. We will also provide a certificate of testing.

Why choose us

  • Qualified engineers
  • Professional installation and testing
  • High quality products
  • Affordable prices

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