Shower installation services

A team of professionals with certifiable installers can deliver quality results to any domestic installation of showers for home upgrades or additions.

What this service includes:

Circuit Upgrading

Fault Finding


Shower circuit upgrades

Upgrades for residential showers are common during remodelling, rebuilding or design projects. These upgrades can completely redesign the personality of the bath space and change the level of quality of the area. Renowned home builders are linked with our professional services as an effort to offer the most elite results in all consumer upgrades.

The delivery

Every home project should be approached with a level of confidence and expertise that diminishes all doubt. Our team of experienced and certified professionals bring years of quality experience and training to each job. Credentials set forth by contracting agencies and forums make us the perfect match for installation of electric shower units in any home. The installation is complete with wiring, re-wiring and all required testing to guarantee quality performance of all products and parts that we install.


MK Electrics provides expert consultation to all of our clients and even those who simply need a little guidance with installation of newly purchased equipment. We offer budget savvy options for quality equipment and offer options on the most effective installation process. We proudly service the North East and surround areas with full compliance and acknowledgement by NICEIC and Part P. Our service surpasses that of any competitor.

  • Reliable and punctual service provision
  • Rapid response to all service calls
  • Free consultation to help determine how best to meet your installation needs
  • Full range of services including rewiring and maintenance

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