Lighting upgrades & installation services

Lighting upgrades provide several benefits to your organisation. A lighting upgrade provides energy savings, improves productivity and efficiency, brings down maintenance costs, provides a comfortable working environment, reduces your impact on the environment, and results in much more functional lighting systems. We provide full service lighting upgrades in Newcastle.

What this service includes:

Low Energy Lighting

Electrical Rewiring

Bespoke lighting upgrades

A lighting expert will carry out a free inspection to understand your requirements. We will identify the areas requiring an upgrade to create a bespoke solution for your premises. We rely on the latest technology to deliver a lighting upgrade that delivers optimal results and reduces costs.

We can perform an upgrade to exterior as well as interior lighting. We use a mix of different methods to upgrade your lighting systems including retrofit, upgrade, replacement, redesign and lighting management.

High quality installation

Our electrical specialists are highly skilled and thorough professionals. We provide a service that is quick, efficient and mess free.

Why choose us

  • Fully licensed, accredited and insured company
  • Years of experience in lighting upgrades
  • Highly experienced electricians
  • Guaranteed energy savings
  • Expert advice

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