Regardless of whether it is your business or your home, you should have PAT testing done to guarantee you are in a safe environment. Here is more information regarding PAT testing and who should get PAT testing.

Who Should Get PAT Testing?

PAT testing is required by landlords, employers, and also self-employed to make sure all electrical appliances are functioning properly. However, while it is not necessarily required, everyone should get PAT testing to make sure his or her appliances are safe to use and to avoid damages and accidents in the future.

What is PAT Testing?

PAT testing is portable appliance testing. This is the test that is performed to examine different types of electrical equipment and electrical appliances to guarantee they are safe and okay to use. While many safety defects with electrical equipment and appliances are easy to spot visually, some defects can only be located when tested. That being said; PAT testing is vital to guarantee your electrical equipment is 100% safe to use.

How Often Should PAT Testing Take Place?

How often one should have PAT testing done depends on the situation involved and the type of electrical equipment. For example, a lamp in the bedroom does not need to be tested as frequently as an electrical power tool found on a construction site somewhere. While there are no rules as to how often you have to have PAT testing done, you should use common sense regarding the environment and equipment to make a decision.

It is important that anyone who has electrical equipment or appliances in either their business or their home get PAT testing on a regular basis. Safety should come first, and some electrical issues may be impossible to spot visually. That being said; PAT testing is vital to your safety.

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