If you want to ensure that the lighting system in your workplace is as efficient as it can be, then upgrading may be necessary. Up to 40% of building’s usage of electricity can be attributed to lighting. But efficiency is only one benefit to upgrading the lighting in your workplace.

Ways to Upgrade Lighting Without Replacement
There are a few ways to improve the efficiency of existing lighting. Occupancy sensors can be installed which can turn lighting off or dim it when no one is using a room. Using sensors can reduce the usage of electricity by as much as 30%.

Existing lighting can benefit from daylight sensors, which will adjust the lighting accordingly depending on the amount of natural light that enters a room at any given time. This option can reduce energy usage by up to 40%.

Even ensuring regular maintenance can save on energy costs. Consider that the need for artificial lighting can be reduced when skylights and windows are kept clean.

Choose Greener Lighting
LED lighting offers an alternative to fluorescent and incandescent lights. If every home and business were to switch to low energy LED lighting, the world`s electricity usage would decrease by as much as 15%. There are many benefits to choosing this type of lighting.

Money Savings
An LED light can use as much as 80% less energy than its incandescent or halogen counterparts.

Increased Safety
LED lights are safer than other types because they contain no mercury. They also do not emit UV light than can harm health.

Improved Productivity
LED lighting can also help companies realise an 8% increase in the productivity of their employees.
Choosing the right LED lighting can mean many unexpected benefits to a business that it can then pass on to its customers.

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