Installing new machinery requires more than just a space to put it. Numerous problems can arise and greatly increase the cost of the installation. If it isn’t done right more issues arise later so it makes no sense to cut corners and take risks.

Often companies keep an older machine operating until the last minute, assuming it can be dismantled a day before, and it can be, if you have foreseen the problems and requisitioned the right tools, but good preparation requires installation experience. Making a list of everything you need to install and begin using your equipment is a challenge in itself. Just a few of the necessities may be: straight edges, feeler gauges, plumb lines, levels, lasers, alignment scopes, calibrating instruments, valves, actuators, pumps, couplings, chucks, tooling attachments, cooling units and software.

Installation basics

Foundations: Floors need a sufficient mass ratio to provide stability, as do supporting structures, otherwise a range of problems become apparent after the machine enters service, including reverberation, vibration, sheer forces, misalignment, subsidence and surface degradation. Anchor bolt solutions are often specific to the machine/flooring combination. Springs, elastomeric pads and shim packs can help with levelling and reverberation issues but aren’t easy to install retrospectively.

Services: Plan your wiring, emergency lighting, fire alarms, compressed air, oil or fuel lines, air conditioning and dust filters carefully. Make sure they have the reach, height, capacity and fittings before the machinery arrives. Do your cables and connections provide sufficient wattage and stability or will the load trip protective circuits? Unplanned patch jobs are a common source of woes.

Clear passage: Whether you use hoists, cranes or forklifts, it is important to calculate loads, turning radii and overhead clearance in advance. Check Youtube if you don’t believe this is a skilful undertaking. Some deliveries get as far as the kerb and there they stay. It is also vital nothing is left obstructing future maintenance inspections.

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