Homeowners have many worries about their properties and none more so than gas leaks, water leaks or electrical failure. We all understand that our homes can become vulnerable if not regularly checked and maintained correctly.  Most new homes will not need such attention for many years, but older homes will always require yearly or bi-annual testing to maintain safe standards.

Levels of Testing

You don’t always need a qualified electrician to assess the competence of some of your electrical items. Someone who understands them, such as mobile phone engineers, for example, can test portable devices.  This is known as PAT—portable appliance testing—and refers to smaller items. However, qualified engineers and technicians should always service home devices like dishwashers, cookers, and washing machines.

Home Electrics

The wiring in your home is usually good for at least twenty years, depending on the material used in building a home. However, it is always prudent to make sure that your electrical wiring is not likely to cause shorts in your lighting system or blow out your electric cooker. As you will be aware, electrical fires are among the most lethal and most difficult to extinguish without the proper equipment. A timber framed home would be like kindling if an electrical fire started. The house would go up in a matter of minutes.

Reasons for Caution

There is always a reason to be cautious, but no need to be paranoid about your home electrics. Getting them checked over once a year should put your mind at rest. Having the test done sometime before winter starts is the best time because the weather is still warm, and there is less chance of damage. If your home has mice, you should have it checked every six months because rodents chew through wire insulation. Always be safe, rather than sorry.

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