Solar panels offer a range of benefits, from reduced emissions and decreased supplier dependence to increased energy savings and receiving payment for exporting surplus electricity. Installing a photovoltaic system for your house or workplace can offer many advantages and requires relatively little maintenance to keep up and running. Since the sunniest period of the year is the summer, it makes it an excellent time to get started and improve energy supplies.

Installing a Solar Panel System

Solar systems are composed of four key parts: solar panels (photovoltaic modules), a mounting system, a solar inverter and a battery. Since these power producers need adequate sunlight to operate effectively, the roof and its elevated location and slanted angle, is often the best place to install them.

Installation on roofs usually starts with setting up scaffolding up to height to ensure safety for the technicians. After this, the mounting system is installed at an angle between 18-36 degrees to maximise exposure to sunlight and production. Next come the modules that get bolted to the mounting structure, followed by the electrical wiring of the solar panels to the building’s electrical system.

It is important to shut down the electricity supply during this step. Then the solar inverter is connected to the system, either indoors or outdoors, but always in a cool place and away from the sun to prevent overheating. The battery is now introduced and connected to the solar inverter, after which it is finally connected to the consumer unit to produce electricity. A test of the system should be undertaken to ensure the correct functioning.

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