The sanctity of the break room is sometimes the one thing that can keep a workforce going. Especially when it’s been one of those days. Now imagine the sanctity of the break room when it is a fully equipped office kitchen.

While there is no legal requirement to provide a full kitchen to your employees, giving them this facility could prove a fantastic builder of morale, as well as potentially improving mental wellbeing.

More than the bare minimum

The legal requirements in the UK state that employees must be afforded a place in which to eat their meals away from the work space, as well as the facility to heat food. Simply bunging a microwave in an unused office would potentially cover the bare minimum, but could miss out on the ability to give your employees the opportunity to enjoy their breaks more fully, and crucially return refreshed and able to complete their work day.

Doesn’t need to be hugely expensive

Your workplace kitchen does not need to be up to Gordon Ramsay’s standards, but providing a place for staff to prepare hot drinks and warm their meals is key to producing a comfortable atmosphere, and allows your employees to remain on site if they prefer during their meal breaks.

Without a kitchen some employees may feel compelled to go out to get food at lunchtime, battling crowds and potentially returning more stressed than when they left.

Consider the difference in your budget for a few easy chairs, a couple of tables, a fridge, couple of microwaves and a kettle, along with a sink and space for plates and mugs. Now consider the difference this could make to the happiness and productivity of your workplace. Providing these basic facilities could allow informal collaboration to take place over meals and allow your employees to enjoy their breaks without needing to leave the building.

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