Winter is a time when electrical devices work harder, so perhaps go wrong more frequently. With the darker days we switch on lights more, and the chilly temperatures mean the heating is working hard. What can we do to avoid winter electrical problems?

Check Things Over
Those electrical items you put in the cupboard back in the spring – check them over carefully before plugging them in or switching them on! Frayed cables, any kind of damage to the case or switch, or broken protective guards could all lead to very dangerous accidents. If all seems well, test the item. Place it safely, connect it, then switch it on. Flickering lights, funny smells, a tripped circuit breaker, even if it seems to be a bit warm when it shouldn’t be – these are all indicators that the item is not working as it should. Switch off, disconnect, and get it checked by a professional electrician, or get rid of it.

Is your wiring in good order? Winter is a time of extra load on the electrical system, so it might be worth getting an electrician to give yours the once-over.

Seasonal Specials
Cold weather brings the need for extra heaters. Check them before you use them, and when you use them place them carefully – not too near curtains, bedding, or anything flammable. Make sure there is a good clear air flow near them, and don’t be tempted to dry wet clothing on them.

Christmas tree lights used to be a real hazard, but modern, low energy ones use less electricity and are safer. Nevertheless be careful how they are placed, and never leave them switched on unattended.

Have spare batteries, bulbs, and a torch ready, and know where to find them in an emergency. Don’t forget that here at MK Electrics we are here to help with all your winter electrical problems.

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