Getting the office kitchen just right is something that can’t be underestimated in the workplace. Here are some of the reasons why it is so important.

Taking a Break

It has been proven that getting up and walking around the office is important for workers. Whether they need to talk to someone from a different department or just want to put the kettle on, those five minutes away from the computer screen and phone can really help to recharge their batteries and increase productivity. Having a kitchen that is clean and functional is really important to make sure that they can take that all-important break when they need to.

Healthy eating should never be underestimated. Feeding the brain helps a team member to think and make decisions that could affect the business. Having a clean, functional area where they can store and eat their lunch will increase their brain function in the afternoon and make them less tired. That is essential for getting business done.

Informal Meetings

It may be that a member of staff needs to talk to a colleague about a confidential matter that they may not want to discuss in the office. Entering a meeting room to do this can seem daunting and may be unnecessary. If there is a breakout area in the kitchen, however, that conversation can be had somewhere informal where the participants feel more comfortable. The meeting rooms are then available for going over figures, sales meetings, planning the next quarter or a myriad other mainstream activities.

There are many reasons why getting the office kitchen is so important. Is yours functional and does it have the necessary layout, facilities and amenities for the team? If not, MK Electrics Ltd can provide exceptional kitchen installations if it is time for a change.

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