Whether you go regularly, or are a rather more sporadic attendee, a trip to the gym means using the changing room facilities provided. Good facilities can impact the overall experience significantly and help you to take a positive attitude into your workout.

Changing rooms offer security, washing facilities and other amenities. The space needs to be functional, hygienic and comfortable, meeting the needs of a wide variety of users.

Layout & Lighting

The layout should allow users to move easily between all the areas. It should also provide areas in which users can change privately without being in the way of others. Private cubicles in which to change ensure that even the most modest of clients are comfortable.

Contrary to the perceptions that might be gained from social media, not all gym-goers are young. Getting the lighting balance right so that you cater for those with visual impairment without making the overall lighting too bright and harsh is very important.

Vanity areas will need brighter lighting, but changing areas work better if lighting is softer and therefore more flattering to the individual.

Atmosphere & Facilities

Temperature and overall feel are very important. Changing rooms can feel stuffy and airless if they are too warm and there is no air exchange. Equally, users are stripping off to shower and change their clothes so care must be taken that the overall temperature is not too cold.

For some gym users, showers are the most important aspect of the changing room experience. The facility to enjoy a warm and comforting shower after a hard workout is very important and water temperatures must be reliable.

Other facilities such as hairdryers and drinking stations must also work reliably.

The experts at MK Electrics can provide tailored heating and shower systems for commercial buildings which meet the exacting requirements of today’s gym users.

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