It’s hard to believe that the largest element of your business’ electricity bill is often the lighting in your premises. We all know that LED lighting is the most energy-efficient lighting available and can reduce your energy bills significantly.

The savings made from lower energy consumption and lower maintenance costs can quickly cover the cost of upgrading but the added benefit is that LED lighting will not only improve your bottom line, but it can also create a comfortable, perfectly lit environment that improves the productivity and wellbeing of your workforce.

As well as creating a great working environment for staff, LED lighting is known to have a positive influence on customer mood with obvious benefits for businesses in the retail and hospitality sectors.

Benefits of LED Lighting

Many traditional light bulbs have already disappeared or are being phased out to the point where there are few alternatives to LED lighting. Offices, retail businesses, and warehouses can all benefit thanks to:

Reduced Energy Consumption – LED light bulbs are so energy efficient that they drastically reduce the amount of energy required, saving you money.

Grants and Rebates – investing in eco-friendly technology can attract grants as well as rebates from some utility companies.

Durability – the extended lifespan of LED light bulbs means they don’t have to be replaced for years reducing labour and replacement costs.

Disposal – Unlike CFLs and fluorescents, LEDs do not contain mercury and are easily disposed of or recycled.

How to Plan Your Upgrade

Upgrading your premises to LED lighting should be subject to rigorous planning and design – ideally with professional help. It’s vital that you determine the financial viability of the project by identifying the energy savings and the payback period for the investment outlay.

MK Electrics can carry out a free survey and provide advice on the most suitable design and installation for your commercial LED lighting upgrade, no matter how large or small.

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