Can you remember the last time your fire alarm system was replaced? Whether you’re in charge of your system at home or at work, it’s vital to keep your alarm up to date.

When to Replace Your System

If you’re testing your fire alarm systems regularly, as you should, you’ll be aware whether your equipment is all in good working order. However, if your system is more than ten years old, or you’re not sure when it was last replaced, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

While a ten-year-old system may seem to work correctly, this is not an area for false economy. It’s also worth considering replacing your system if your home or business premises has expanded: Does your old system still cover every room?

A quality alarm system requires a quality alarm specialist. Do your research and track down an experienced electrician in your area, ideally one who specialises in fire alarm installation, as they will be able to install your system quickly and efficiently, causing the least possible disruption for your home or office

Can I Reuse My Old System?

In researching fire alarm installation, you may come across those who advise you to reuse parts of old equipment such as wiring and even creating connected systems, incorporating the old equipment. These solutions can be money and time-savers, but without the expertise of a specialist they could be a gamble.

There are a variety of types of new fire alarms on the market these days, some of which make use of wireless technology, so before choosing the basic equipment, make sure you’ve looked at all the ways you could plan for a quick installation process, ensuring an efficient and reliable system.

Whether you decide to re-use your old system, or install a brand new one from scratch, the most important thing is to get advice from a fire alarm installation specialist. It could make all the difference.

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