Fortunately when we think of home security and safety, fire alarms often rank as one of the most important elements to consider. They are a key component for protecting our homes and those who live in them. Maintaining and keeping an eye on them is not something we are always good at though. It often takes the beep of a dying battery to even remember the fire alarm is there.

According to the Home Office, there were 237 fire related deaths in 2019, so it is important to know why checking fire alarms regularly helps.


Your home contains your family and, often, everything else you hold dear. Possessions, trinkets, photos, even memories. Smaller alarms can be placed near areas in the home that are more likely to have a risk of fires. Such alarms consist of heat and smoke detectors. Make sure to test fire alarms at least once a week, whether in your home or in larger residential buildings, like apartment blocks. Fire alarms should be kept clean and dust and dirt free as much as possible to prevent any systems malfunctioning. Private sector landlords are required by law to have at least one fire alarm fitted in the property.


Commercial property fire alarms are usually bigger and require more maintenance than those in a residence. These types will need a fire risk assessment before being installed to make sure they fulfil the requirements. Maintaining commercial fire alarms must follow much stricter guidelines and often require professional testing and maintenance services. Professional servicing can take place up to three times a year to ensure the alarm is compliant with the law and offers all the protection that is needed.

National and local regional services, like MK Electrics Ltd, provide a full service to ensure that any worries about the fire alarms are dealt with by professionals who are trained to handle such equipment.

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