It is vital that all businesses, large or small, consider the security options available to them due to the increasing levels of crime and burglaries. Many businesses utilise CCTV options in order to protect their premises. With cameras covering all major exits and the main business area, any criminal perpetrator can be seen, recorded and identified using the captured images. However, CCTV has a number of other roles within the business environment that make it an essential choice for businesses.

Research has shown that employees of businesses that have CCTV systems in place are more productive, work more efficiently and have a better work ethic than employees in non-CCTV businesses. Whilst some would suggest that the statutory rights of the individuals are being undermined by the watchful eye of ‘Big Brother’, any employer has a fundamental right to protect their business. The CCTV system allows the employer to catch any perpetrator, whether employee, intruder or member of the public, who is carrying out any criminal act, such as stealing or damaging any property or machinery, or who are abusing company time and trust through poor productivity by surfing the internet, excessive talking or excessive cigarette and toilet breaks.

Staff Safety
In addition to securing the business premises and encouraging an improved employee work ethic, the integrated CCTV system is also vital for staff safety. Any employer has a duty to protect the well-being and safety of their employees. A CCTV system allows the employer to monitor the working environment, allowing them to see and record any acts of violence or bullying within the workplace or any wilful damage or neglect of machinery that could put other employees at danger.

So if you’re a business owner and want to improve security, staff productivity and safety, MK Electrics can give you the advice you need and install or upgrade your CCTV system to give you peace of mind.

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