An efficient and effective security system is important for any business. Whatever your profession, if you have business premises such as an office, warehouse, retail or factory space, it is crucial to ensure both the premises and the employees working on site are properly protected and secure.


An alarm and CCTV system can reduce the risk of a costly break-in and give reassurance to employees that they are protected. This is particularly beneficial for businesses which may have large quantities of stock, sensitive material or premises that are left unattended for periods of time

Having a comprehensive security system on your business premises is a serious deterrent to thieves and intruders. Intruders are less likely to target business establishments that have a visible security system in place. In the event of any unauthorised access, with the installation of an efficient and reliable alarm system, you have the peace of mind that you will be alerted immediately.


A CCTV system can be combined into an existing video network for convenience and efficiency and enables you to keep an eye on your business at all times, allowing you to observe and record activity in your premises. In addition to deterring unauthorised access from intruders, a CCTV system can prevent and discourage employee theft, which can also be costly to businesses. Installation of a CCTV system can also increase productivity in the workplace as employees are aware that their performance is being monitored even if a supervisor is not around.

It is vital that any security system introduced is installed correctly to ensure that the system is effective and reliable. MK Electrics offer alarm system and CCTV installation for any size business, so whatever your requirements may be, we can assist. Our certified electricians have years of experience and meet relevant safety standards. We can offer complete installations of security alarms, smoke and fire alarms, perform risk assessments, fault tracing and complete repairs and maintenance.

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