As the nights begin to draw in at a pace and half the population gear up for the battle with deciding whether to leave their clocks an hour fast, or work out how to change them, our thoughts invariably turn to ensuring that our homes stay warm as the temperature drops.

As the seasons change, control over the thermostat becomes a bone of contention in many homes but ensuring that your heating is in full working order before you need it is a wise strategy. If your boiler is not firing effectively, booking a repair when it is not urgent is far preferable to waiting it out in a cold snap. Even if your boiler seems to be coping well with running the central heating system, it is advisable to get an engineer to give it a service in order to help ensure that it gets you through the winter.

Efficiency & Effectiveness

If you are dreading the increases in fuel bills which come with higher usage in the winter months, thermostatic radiator valves can help you to control the amount of energy used to heat your home. Thermostatic radiator valves sense the temperature in the room, regulating this in the exact location, rather than taking the temperature from a central point in the house as a traditional thermostat does. Installing thermostatic valves typically results in a 10% reduction in heating costs.

On a larger scale, ensuring that your home is insulated fully is a wise idea as the temperature drops. Checking out your loft insulation and ensuring that your doors and windows shut, and seal effectively can help you to reduce the amount of heat lost from your home.

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