Air conditioning has long been a necessity in parts of the US, but in the UK used to be considered an extravagance. That view is changing for two reasons. First, technical improvements have improved its efficiency to the point where it makes good economic sense. Secondly, it protects homes, offices and work forces from a rising tide of allergies and respiratory problems.

Allergies, Asthma & Hay Fever

Allergies are the single most common chronic disease in Europe. No less than 44% of Britons suffer from an allergy and numbers are continuing to increase. Hospitalisations and deaths from anaphylactic shock are also growing alarmingly, while 40% of children suffer allergic rhinitis and most have consequential sleep disturbances and fatigue.

Five-and-a-half million Britons are in treatment for asthma (and the total number affected is probably higher), with more than a million being children. A quarter of a million are housebound by asthma and over 1,300 people die of an asthma attack each year (including more than 100 children). The UK has some of the poorest air in Europe, and the cost to the NHS is a billion pounds a year. Another £8 billion every year is lost through sick leave and absenteeism.


Cool, filtered air is a benefit anywhere at any time of year, but some enterprises have extra to gain. MK Electrics can help you to assess the costs and benefits of installing air conditioning in your particular line of business.

With half the population affected by allergies and increasingly conscious of air quality, air conditioning adds value to a property portfolio. When combined with complete HVAC solutions, long-term energy costs for residential properties can actually be reduced.

Factories and industrial plants have their own air-quality issues. Air conditioning can help companies achieve statutory targets and can improve the productivity of a workforce at the same time.

Bars, nightclubs, shops and shopping centres with effective air conditioning attract and retain more customers.

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