Once upon a time, air conditioning just wasn’t British. Times have changed. Integrated HVAC systems are often the most economical and environmentally friendly way of maintaining comfortable conditions at home and at work, in summer and in winter.

Today, using smart thermostats or wi-fi control from your smart-phone you can ensure cooling or warming where and when you need it, with the minimum waste of money and energy.

Summer Hazards
Hay-fever and asthma in the UK are on a constant upward trend. It’s worse in summer but the pollution responsible is still not fully understood. Some people are ill with flu-like symptoms for days on end, and it is a substantial cause of absenteeism at work. Air conditioning can remove traffic fumes and pollen from the air outside, and dust and VOCs emitted by modern furnishings within, protecting your family or workforce.

Good quality filters are also active against airborne bacteria and viruses, so air conditioning enables you to sleep much better in more ways than one.

In summer the alternative to air conditioning is often to fling open a window. They are often left open too – an invitation to burglars. Air conditioning can be designed in combination with your home or workplace security arrangements and keep down those insurance premiums. And if you live or work in the city, try holding a telephone conversation with the windows open.

Air conditioning keeps clean air circulating, removing condensation and preventing mildew appearing in un-aired corners of your home or workplace. Depending on your home the protection it affords your property and furnishings can be huge.

If you use a computer network, you need to safeguard your data by providing a constant cool temperature for your servers. At home too, all your appliances work harder and wear out sooner if they aren’t kept at optimum temperatures.

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