Even before a customer walks through the door, the right lighting will start working for a store. If your shop looks inviting and appropriately lit from the outside, then customers are far more likely to enter: and getting customers through the door is half the battle.

If your premises need rewiring, then it’s the ideal time to think about a new lighting scheme. Lighting has become a lot more sophisticated in recent years, and an out-of-date lighting installation can make a store feel old fashioned and uninviting. Perhaps those spotlights were the last word in cool 20 years ago but things have moved on a lot since then.

Lighting can now be highly customised to the type of shopping experience that will appeal most to the customer. For example, a shop selling high-end handbags and shoes should have several different types of lighting, such as under-counter lights, up-lighters, focus lighting on key pieces, floor-level lights, back-illuminated mirrors, and so on.

The Importance of New Lighting Systems

As well as increasing the visual appeal of the store, it’s incredibly important to replace outdated and potentially unreliable electrical systems. Old wiring may pose a great risk to the health and safety of both employees and customers. That’s why rewiring and refitting tend to go together: it’s the perfect opportunity for a lighting installation to be both renewed and redesigned.

Replacing the old lighting systems in your store with more modern and energy-efficient installations can also save your business money and ensure that your premises adhere to modern safety regulations by, for example, installing emergency lighting throughout the store.

Installing new types of lighting can help create distinctive zones and can help to lead customers around the store, as well as creating a more flattering backdrop against which to best display your products. A contemporary lighting scheme really does bring innumerable benefits to all types of businesses.

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