Winter is nearly here, and before the colder weather starts to get a grip on the country, you will want to make sure your house is warm enough to withstand the coming season.

There are various domestic heating systems available these days, from solar power to wood-burning stoves, and all have their advantages and disadvantages.

Anyone wanting to change their heating system, or anyone installing one into a new-build home, has plenty to think about before making the decision on which type to use. Here are just a few of the factors you may want to take into consideration:

Which Heat Source?

All heating has to come from somewhere. Whether it’s electricity, gas, fossil fuels such as coal and wood or even the sun, there needs to be some input in terms of energy before the heat is generated. Which you choose depends on where your home is, what is available and which is more suited to your needs.

If your home has gas installed already, a gas central heating system may be your best bet. Gas is relatively cheap to run, and today’s modern boilers are highly energy-efficient.

The beauty of a central heating system is that you can control the heat in each room through the use of thermostat controls and radiators.

Other heating systems include wood-burning stoves, which are great if you live in a remote area without gas, and solar panels, which are green, but may be more suited to sunnier climes.

Service & Repair

If your home already has an effective heating system, make sure it is serviced before winter descends, so that any potential problems are picked up early and you’re not left in the cold when you need it most.

Find a reputable company (ask family and friends for recommendations) like MK Electrics, who can ensure your heating system will function efficiently and safely during the winter. They will also be able to help should your heating system break down.

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