We tend to take the electrical systems in our homes for granted, but like anything else they deteriorate over time with wear and everyday use. Faulty or old wiring can lead to problems and even fires. If you have an older property it may be time to think about a rewire. But what are the tell-tale signs that this needs to be done?

Old Age

1. If your house is more than 40 years old (meaning that it was built in the mid ’70s or earlier) and hasn’t been rewired then it’s definitely worth getting it checked.

2. Look at the consumer unit or fuse box. If it’s the old type with replaceable wire fuses then it may be time to have it replaced. Modern units have trip switches that can be reset after a failure.

3. Shortage of sockets. If each of your rooms has just one or two sockets and you’re relying on extension leads to run all of your appliances, then your wiring is probably quite old. It’s important not to overload sockets and a rewire is an opportunity to review how many you need.

Warning Signs

4. Blown fuses. If you’re regularly having to replace blown fuses, then it’s a sign that your electrical system probably isn’t up to the task. Older wiring can cause fuses to blow when something like a bulb failure occurs but this may equally indicate underlying wiring problems.

5. Damage. If any of your sockets, switches or light fittings are cracked or damaged then you need to get them replaced for safety’s sake. This is also a good time to have the whole system checked to ensure that there aren’t any other hidden problems. If any of your sockets or switches feel hot to the touch, this is another sign you need to take urgent action.

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