Production industries face heavy initial costs and planning challenges that “service industries”, including governments and banks, often don’t fully appreciate. The longer the time between the decision to build, extend or relocate, and the new equipment being online and earning its keep, the greater the overheads become and the greater the risks.

Project planning, of course, is paramount, but there are many practical hurdles where things could go awry. In some cases, permits, licences and planning applications are held up. Some deliveries require coordinated haulage logistics to get them on site at the right time, with the right rigging and personnel waiting to fit them.

Nor is setting up a plant anything like plonking another computer on a desk. Allowance is needed for tasks like levelling, craning, aligning mountings, vibration isolation, fitting brackets, calibration, timing and testing.

Without an experienced crew big mistakes can be made – powering up without removing transit brackets a common one.

Skilled Crews Are a Must

Companies specialise in machinery installation for good reasons. Experienced companies make easy work of enterprise critical investments, relocations, redesigns and expansions, so that your expensive resources can sprint to full productivity out of the gate.

Your assigned project manager will customise a schedule to minimise disruption of your existing operations, and arrange training for your own engineers if needed. It isn’t unusual for installation teams to work nights and weekends if that is what is needed.

Experts like MK Electrics deal with everything from initial planning and site preparation through to machinery installations, safe disposal of decommissioned equipment and aftercare. All that should be left for you to do is to store serial and model numbers in a safe place, with a diary of scheduled service checks and the telephone numbers of your service company.

Above all, the anxiety that gives you sleepless nights – getting the project completed on budget – is removed from your shoulders. Installation companies provide a fixed and foreknown costing for the job.

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