Whilst the national Lockdown is thankfully behind us, restrictions on the way we conduct our everyday lives remain. Some areas remain in the throes of a local Lockdown and recently Health Secretary Matt Hancock refused to rule out a second set of national restrictions if cases of Covid-19 rise sharply.

Even during a pandemic, issues may occur that require an electrician to visit your home or business. Let’s take a look at some things that may look a little different if you need to call for an electrician.

Communication is Key

Every job is different, and contractors will need to get the best idea of what the issue is in order that they can determine the safety measures required in order to complete the job. Clear communication between contractor and client is key to ensuring that everyone is happy with the way the job will need to be completed.

Likewise, communication is also vital in the event that anyone in your household or business premises begins to show any Coronavirus symptoms. The old mantra of ‘better safe than sorry’ is important here.

Distance & Hygiene

No matter how unnatural it may seem, we must at the present time refrain from shaking hands when we welcome an electrician into our premises! Attempting where possible to maintain a 2 metre distance from the electrician is also vital.

Electricians will ensure that they have washed their hands before the job, during and after they have finished. They should dry their hands on their own hand towel, as well as wiping down all tools used. This is an important step to ensure that their tools are not acting as a conduit to spreading viral particles between different premises.

PPE should also be being worn by contractors that is appropriate for the work being carried out. It is also important that you ensure that the area being worked on is as well ventilated as possible. Opening as many windows as possible is a good idea.

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