Across the United Kingdom there are a range of different levels of restrictions in place surrounding having work done in your home by a tradesperson.

Prior to contacting a tradesperson you should ensure you check the specific details surrounding where you live to ensure that the work you would like carried out can be done. As a general rule, in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, tradespeople can enter your work for a variety of reasons. The rules in Scotland are currently slightly more stringent, stating that tradespeople can only enter your home for emergency repairs.

Keeping yourself safe

Firstly, you must only invite a tradesperson into your home to carry out work if you, and all members of your household, are feeling well. Wearing a mask when your tradesperson is working, as well as keeping windows or doors open to help ventilation is important. Do not proceed with booked appointments if anyone is suffering from COVID-19 symptoms, has tested positive or is self isolating due to being identified as a close contact.

The same should apply to your tradespeople, in order to help keep yourself safe.

There are exceptions to these rules, which only apply if the work which is required is to repair a problem which is a direct risk to safety, such as emergency repairs or plumbing. Crucially, your tradesperson must be willing to enter your home after being informed of the condition of the people in the home.

Limits on gatherings in the home do not apply to tradespeople carrying out work on your home in England, while in Wales and Northern Ireland there are separate categories of work which can be carried out. As mentioned above, be sure to check the specific restrictions which are in place where you live and how they apply to the work that you want to have carried out.

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