When you’re preparing your property for rental, you need to be showing it off at its best. This means making sure that potential tenants will only see a clean and presentable home. If the space is looking tired, a quick lick of paint will make it look as good as new, and is a really cost-effective way of getting everything ready to rent. Pay particular attention to the areas around light switches and door handles.

Once the property is ready, take good photographs that will show it off to its best online. Clear clutter and set the scene: create the illusion of a happy lifestyle by staging a bottle of wine and some glasses, with some bread or fruit, beside a window for natural light. Warm the space up with some coloured throws or cushions.

Working Order

Once you’ve sorted everything immediately visible, check that all appliances are working. Then look at general maintenance: get the boiler serviced, and ensure all pipes and the water tank are lagged. Check the rest of the central heating system for leaks, and then go through the same checks for the electrical systems, including light fittings and switches.

The Price is Right

Do some research and be realistic about your expectations for rent. Check with local agents to see whether there is a recent market survey that you could refer to. Don’t be tempted to set your price too high, and be prepared to come down a little to a price that is achievable for both you as the landlord to avoid an empty property and for the right tenant.

Try and look at the space with fresh eyes and ask yourself if you would rent it as a tenant. Alternatively, would you want a family member renting it – that’s often an effective barometer!

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