Ensuring the safety of electrical equipment through portable appliance testing (PAT) is something all employers, landlords and the self-employed are required to do by law. Arranging regular PAT testing can help you to speedily detect damage to frequently-used appliances and fix faults so that they do not pose a danger to the people using them.

With such a variety of different sorts of electrical appliances used in so many different situations, there are no set rules for how frequently PAT testing should be conducted; however, some common sense from anyone responsible for portable electrical appliances, such as IT equipment, extension leads, TVs and kettles, means that damage and faults can be detected quickly through regular maintenance.

When PAT Should be Done?

It makes sense that the most frequently-used electrical equipment and handheld appliances that are more likely to be damaged than stationary equipment and class 1 appliances should be tested more often.

Offices, shops and hotels with class 1 equipment that is stationary and IT equipment should do a PAT test every four years. Extension leads, and portable equipment should be tested every two years and handheld equipment once a year.

On construction sites, all 110V equipment should be tested every three months.

Industrial sites, such as commercial kitchens, should test portable equipment every six months and stationary equipment every year.

How to PAT Test

A visual examination of any piece of electrical equipment is the first step in PAT testing and should be undertaken by a competent person with experience of checking appliances for safety purposes.

Next, a PAT instrument or testing device used by an experienced electrical professional can uncover any unseen defects, as they are properly trained in how to interpret the results.

Scheduling regular PAT testing from MK Electrics can help to detect faults and complete repairs or fit replacements before any problems arise.

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