Homes and businesses gain in a multitude of ways from installing a shower. They have health benefits, cost benefits and environmental benefits, whilst saving time and space and increasing the value of the property.

Health and Safety
By reducing muscle tension a simple hot shower can save you trips to the physiotherapist. Showers are also good for the circulation, wound healing, blood pressure, blood sugar, alleviating stress and depression, and banishing tiredness while improving sleep quality. Of course, what is good for families and employees is also good for businesses, so fitting one at work to reduce absenteeism makes lots of sense.

For elderly people baths can be a dangerous ordeal. Many accidents happen while trying to get in or out. Walk in showers are therefore both easier and safer. A fold-down seat can easily be added for extra safety and comfort, and will be far cheaper than fitting hoists, steps and rails to a bath.

Energy and Water Efficiency
The option of taking a shower instead of a bath is beneficial both to our pockets and our environment. Electric showers ensure that hot water is available when it is needed instead of having to be heated all the time whether used or not. Nor does that hot water have to be pumped around the house, often cooling in the pipes.

Showers also use less water than the typical bath, and in that way they are also keeping down our water bills and the burden on the reservoirs and treatment plants that enable us to keep using it. The average bathtub holds 25 to 45 gallons, while a 5 minute shower consumes about half as much.

Money is also saved in other ways. Adding a shower increases the value of a property. Domestic house-hunters expect to find at least some kind of shower in a house these days, and a walk-in shower is viewed as a luxury. For commercial developers, space is money and a shower uses less.

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