You should expect your new cooker to last a long time, so you should take some time to consider all the available options in order to make the right choice for you. But with so many models and features available that’s easier said than done; however, the first decision to make should be between fuel types – gas or electric. Below are some main points of difference between the two.

The cheapest cookers are electric. However, the difference in price between electric and gas cookers is fairly small. Even dual-fuel cookers, which combine a gas hob with an electric oven, and which are traditionally more expensive, are becoming more affordable.

The cost difference becomes more apparent when you add in fitting costs. A gas-safe engineer will charge considerably more for cooker installation than an appliance engineer will to install an electric cooker.

The third cost comparison is between fuel prices. As gas hobs heat and cool quickly there is an initial fuel saving compared with solid plate (electric) hobs. However, ceramic and induction electric hobs are now very fast, thus closing this gap.

Electric ovens can also save energy by being easier to insulate. Technical advances such as fan air circulation also mean that many electric cookers now achieve superior energy efficiency to gas cookers.


Electric hobs are safer than gas as these can be accidentally extinguished. Gas hobs also raise the extra danger of a gas leak, so you should ensure you have a working carbon monoxide alarm if you choose to install a gas appliance.

Modern electric induction hobs are now much more responsive than in the past, and electric ovens have more features and options than gas. High-quality electric ovens provide combinations of top and bottom heating elements, air and steam circulation, and can be programmed to achieve precise cooking results.

So, in terms of affordability, fuel efficiency, safety and range of cooking options, electric cookers come out on top.

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