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Has the wiring in your shop, office or warehouse become unreliable or outdated? If so, it could be posing a great health and safety risk to your property and employees. Thankfully, this is fully able to be fixed with our complete shop refit and rewire service.

MK Electrics is proud to offer its refit and rewiring service for commercial premises all over the north east. Our electrical installation service can be completed on a small portion of your location or across the entire premises. And not only do we ensure that your shop meets all safety requirements, but our complete shop refit service can also serve to give your shop a more modern look and feel.

Peace of Mind for You and your Employees

Our complete shop refit and rewire service ensures that all of the electrics in your shop are safe for all to use and work around. MK Electrics not only ensures that all safety requirements are met, but we can also work around your schedule to ensure continued operation without interruption.

Other Services

Because a complete shop refit and rewire is a major undertaking, you might wish to take the opportunity to have other installations completed at the same time in order to avoid future takedowns of walls and other elements. These services can include the overhaul of heating and cooling systems and the install of safety elements such as emergency lighting. Upgrading your shop’s systems can mean more efficient operation that saves instead of costs you money.

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We are prepared to answer your questions regarding refit or any other aspect of electrical installation in your shop. All of our technicians are licensed and certified to perform only the best and most thorough electrical work.

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