If you’re not using a smoke detector in your business premises, you’re almost certainly breaking the law. But don’t worry – getting compliant with the regulations is quick and needn’t cost you any more than the price of some basic detectors.

Many small business owners think that fire precautions are for big businesses which need fire escapes and expensive fire alarm systems. But even if you own a micro business, you need to comply with the fire regulations. Your insurance won’t be valid otherwise, and if there is a fire, you could find yourself getting prosecuted.

Even a Micro Business Needs to Assess Risk
Let’s take the example of someone who lives at the seaside and decides to rent out their spare room for bed and breakfast during the summer. This is probably the most “micro” business you could have. Even though this is their house, they need to fill out a fire risk assessment. This isn’t a particularly big deal – it’s a form that you don’t need to send anywhere, but it shows that you’ve thought about the fire risk.

If the part-time B&B person needs to fill it out, so does everyone who is using business premises. Every small business, no matter where it is located, needs to assess its fire risk. If it employs five or more people, it must record its findings and write down the details of anyone who seems at more significant risk.

Get That Fire Alarm
There’s been a massive fall in the number of people dying in fires, and in the number of properties badly damaged by fire. This is entirely due to the use of smoke alarms, so don’t wait – buy that alarm today and if you need advice, ask MK Electrics to advise you.

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