The temperature outside is dropping and the leaves are turning golden and falling to the ground. Your office is getting colder too. There might be bickering all year round about the ambient temperature in the office – someone says it’s too hot so turns up the air conditioning. Then it’s too cold for someone else so they turn it down. When winter does finally roll around, it is cold for everyone. Maintaining a pleasant office temperature is conducive to working efficiency. Cold fingers and chilly toes are distracting to say the least!

The HSE code of practice recommends a minimum working temperature of 16 degrees Celsius.

Of course, different people feel the cold or the warm at differing levels. Women are twice as likely to feel the cold creeping in sooner than men and workers over 55 will feel more affected by the cold. Studies have also found that staff in offices that are cold over the winter are more likely to suffer from illness. Illnesses that lead to days off, work missed and lost revenue.

Keeping Warm at Work

Everyone wants to be comfortable at work. And while staff can bring in fingerless gloves for when using computers, or blankets to wrap themselves in, a steady, warm, and reliable ambient temperature is the better option. Plus, having your office up to scratch in other ways can also save on costs. For example, before the frost sets in, make sure all window edges are sealed to stop chilly drafts. Or upgrade your office heating to an up-to-date efficient central heating system.

MK Electrics know heating systems inside out; we can install or repair your existing system with the highest quality workmanship. Whether you decide to go for a completely new system or upgrade your existing one, MK Electrics can ensure a pleasant working environment and significant savings on energy bills, not to mention lost staff time.

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